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Your brain can heal pain!

A secret those who make money with pills hope you do not learn!

This the story of how this magic was discovered. If you don't care how it came to be, skip down and see the bottom line - why you don't want to live without it! brain books image

Linda became aware of the power of the brain when she was 14. She was busy in her room trying to read six books of different kinds at one time; 3 novels, a history book, a geometry book, and a book on dating. She randomly placed them down the side of the bed. (For your information a double bed is six books long.)

Her game was to see "How many books can I read at the same time without losing the sense of any one? Could I pass a test on what I read with a 95%?"

Her father, not a man one would ignore, yelled upstairs, "Linda, come to supper." walking She didn't answer ... and he could hear her footsteps moving back and forth in her room.

(Remember this is before kids used earphones, CDs, or iPods.) Since he thought she couldn't hear him, he climbed halfway up the stairs and yelled louder. "Linda, supper time." ... Still no answer.

stairway Intrigued, he ascended the stairs and called one more time. Knowing she would answer if she heard him and still hearing the quiet footsteps in her room ...he walked down the hall to stand inside the door to her bedroom.

There was his daughter walking quietly back and forth beside her bed, apparently reading books. She was concentrating on 2 pages in each book then moving on. She was reading the next book without even glancing back at what she had just read.

Then she reversed her direction, reading from the other end of the bed. That walking meant she read 4 pages of each successive book before she reached the first book again ... where she began once more. Could the brain compartmentalize each book's information? Linda was completely unaware of him. The father, who was also a Middle School principal, watched, fascinated, as his daughter played this highly challenging game.

After 3 minutes he stepped forward and gently touched her arm. She screamed, thrashed her arms in defense, and finally collapsed...sobbing, into his arms. It took a few minutes to make her smile again. Of course, dinner got cold. Later Linda tested herself to see if she remembered the information. She did, and the consequences are finally yours. Now you can use your brain to heal the pain!

From this experience, Linda learned that the human mind is a hidden power source in everyone. She was able to remember every piece of information from each book without mixing it up. She could have aced a test on the material! And she had concentrated so hard that a bomb could have blown up behind her and she wouldn't have heard it. This mental experience has become Brain-2-Heal.

This discovery resurfaced when her doctor told her turn her pain threshold back on. He said,"You will grind your bones to dust!" Wow! Can people actually do that? pain x-rays picture

Linda had broken her back in 5 places from the neck to the tailbone. Without consciously knowing it, she was turning off her intense pain in order to keep functioning. The doctor thought she needed to stop and rest when she felt pain, so he was dismayed when she just kept on going like the "Energizer Bunny". She learned to stop abusing her own body and payed attention when she needed to rest. She also listened when he said that, "You know how to use your brain to do something everyone needs to know."

His comment led to the development of this information about your conscientiousness.

Here's the bottom line! You can see how long you can go before pain stops your body. You can spend a lot of money to medical people to learn the same things. The smartest thing is to spend a small amount of money and give your brain a chance to show you what it really can do.

heal effectiveness graphic When it is very important people learn to regulate the heart beat, lower blood pressure, or steady the breathing without medicine, they learn from doctors, and healthcare professionals a scientifically provable, unbelievably powerful technique. Unfortunately, professionals keep it a secret and ask you to pay a lot of money for it. With it you can get rid of headaches, reduce or totally stop pain anywhere in your body, increase your energy and keep going - feeling refreshed when two minutes before you felt tired and ready to quit.

That secret can be yours and is easy to learn.

This is what you would pay hundreds of dollars to hear in pain management centers and from therapy professionals.

sick of pills

Try this before you spend so much money on medicine. You can do the same thing ... and you will do it without the side effects!

Here is the basic exercise. Try it ... and recognize there is no reason to doubt whether you can use this.

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    Please note: This is not meant to replace your physician's recommendations. It is meant to keep you well. Please use this to help yourself get better or reduce the amount of medicine you need.

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